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The Grand Old Lady :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 28 34 Lady of Knives in action :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 3 2 Lady of Knives :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 2 6 OC Witch :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 4 0
TISNTRWTWIS Chapter 03: Haze
Chapter 3: Haze
6th December 1941
Enroute to Pearl Harbour from Wake
USS Enterprise
Enterprise’s POV
I was in the bridge of my ship with Admiral Halsey as me and my taskforce were returning from Wake after we transported Marine planes and fighters. It was an entertaining journey as the marine pilots would try to flirt with my fairies. I didn’t mind as it is always fun to watch the marines either succeed or fail. I find it interesting that the fact that my fairies transform into full sized people when I have my ship body around. Well most of them were girls there were some male fairies but they were mostly the plane mechanics, the damage control crews and the mechanics in the hangar deck. These fairies are not permanent as every so often they will get shuffled around so new crew members can be brought in and the old ones spread across the fleet.
“I always wonder, Enterprise” Halsey said.
“Wonder what sir?” I asked.
“Wondered what would happen if
:iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 2 6
TISNTRWTWIS Chapter 02: Running into the Bull
Chapter 2: Running into the Bull
CV-6 Enterprise’s POV
I had just finished my shakedown cruise which brought me to Rio de Janeiro which was in Brazil which I must saw a very exotic city. I was amazed to see the mountains that dotted the city. I marveled at the gigantic white statue of Jesus Christ that was called Christ the Redeemer which I thought was simply magnificent. Then I headed back for Hampton Roads where I stayed until winter.
January 2nd
North Atlantic
“So are you ready for some exercise, sister?” I turned to my older sister, Yorktown who sailed beside me. She had long blonde hair and had the same attire that I did which was a white short-sleeved shirt with a black sailor collar and black cuffs. She also had a brown belt followed by a skirt made of two pieces of white cloth tied together at the top end. However instead of wearing a Navy peaked cap like I am, she adorns a black tricorne.  
“Yes am I, I hope I will be able to conduct this exer
:iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 1 6
Battle of Kursk Strike Witches Version Prologue
Strike Witches: Battle of Kursk
I have seen a number of stories where famous battles have been rewritten with the presence of Witches so I decided to do the same and my first will be the where the greatest clash of men and machines the world has ever seen: Battle of Kursk. I know that certain aspects of the battle have to be changed for the facts:
-The enemy is the neuroi not the Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht
-Karlslander and Orussia are fighting side by side
-There is no dictator in either Karlsland or Orussia
Do forgive me if it doesn’t impress you but it is my first try at a story of this kind.
A few key points to be acknowledged in this story:
-All weapons of the witches will be the exact same of the tank, armoured vehicle or plane their striker unit are based off (The armaments will be light enough for two grown men to carry). However the witches can choose other weapons as well.
-The equipment and weapons used will be of the time of the real Battle of Kursk which
:iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 1 6
TISNTRWTWIS Chapter 01: Birth of a Legend
Chapter 1: Birth of a Legend
Newport News Shipyards
There was a massive crowd gathered in one of the slipways in the industrial water front. Everyone was amazed to see the new ship girl which had beautiful short blonde hair and a very beautiful petite appearance. She dwarfed the fairies that had spent two years to construct her. She was one of the new Yorktown Aircraft Carrier Girl. She looked around at the crowd of people. She felt quite nervous as she was a shy and humble girl.
‘I didn’t expect so many people to come and see me’ she thought.
Then a lady in a dark brown dress approached her. She looked up to the lady who had a champagne bottle in her hand while a man behind her was getting ready at the podium. The blonde-haired ship girl knew what this meant. It was time for her to be launched into the world.
“It is a mighty honour to meet such an elegant beauty such as you as are, young carrier girl, I am Mrs. Luile Swanson, spouse of Secretary of
:iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 3 8
TISNTRWTWIS Chapter 00: Prologue
There is nowhere to run when the war is around
Hey everyone, this is Colonel Amiruddin with another fic, this time it is a full Kantai Collection story and it will be about a certain ship. This will be her story from when she was born to the end of her career. Now let me set certain things straight before I continue:-
1)US Navy will be facing the Abyssals. This will be a reverse of the original Kantai Collection idea plot where the Abyssals will take the place of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
2)With Point 1 in mind, the Abyssals will act as the aggressors in this world therefore they will act like neuroi in Strike Witches. Hence all the world will united to combat the Abyssal.
3)Pearl Harbour will occur but it will be an Abyssal attack.
4)Everyone serving on the ship girls and those taking care of the ship girls will be fairies.
5)There will be supporting ships and small crafts such as landing boats, PT boats and other such boats.
6)This will only focus only on a specific ship girl so th
:iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 1 15
Uniform Swap 6 :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 1 0 Uniform Swap 5 :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 1 0 Uniform Swap 4 :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 2 0 Uniform Swap 3 :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 1 4 Uniform Swap 2 :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 2 0 Uniform Swap 1 :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 2 2 Lahti L-39, a very big gun :iconamirrrrruuuddddddiin:amirrrrruuuddddddiin 2 5


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Good news everyone, a friend of mine is giving away 10,000 points (Not all to one person).
Here is the link to check it out yourselves
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